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Vicodin Information

Vicodin informationVicodin addiction is an addiction to hydrocodone, which is the chemical name for the substance that makes up the opiate part of a Vicodin tablet. The remainder of Vicodin is comprised for acetaminophen, more commonly known by its commercial name; Tylenol. Hydrocodone is a derivative of opium and is chemically very similar to heroin, both being opiates. Other drugs or “medicines” that contain hydrocodone have different commercial names, such as Lortabs, but are all comprised of the same opiate derivative; hydrocodone. It is this compound that has the addictive effect that all opiates demonstrate. Vicodin is not nearly as strong as morphine or heroin, but once someone begins to take multiple does of Vicodin, the withdrawals and recovery from this opiate is the same as it is for any of the stronger opiates, but there is a relationship between opiate strength and the severity of the withdrawals and hydrocodone is the mildest of the commercially sold opiates.

In fact, it is common and unfortunate, that many persons that need Vicodin drug rehab are referred to methadone programs in order to detoxify from their milder opiate addiction. This in unfortunate because these persons are soon addicted to methadone, which is the hardest of all opiates to ultimately kick or withdrawal from. Many persons that have taken this advice and used methadone as a “cure” for their Vicodin addiction have later discovered that they now feel incapable of ever getting off of methadone. So, first of all, if you are looking for a treatment for your Vicodin addiction, DO NOT consider taking the methadone substitute route. It will only lead you deeper into addiction.

Vicodin Addiction Rehab

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